March Madness Battle of Restaurants On Lake St. Clair

Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair’s Mission in Action

At Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair, our mission has always been to not only provide exceptional boating experiences but also to support and uplift the vibrant community that surrounds us. We are blessed to have so many great restaurants that dot our shores and near the waterway. We believe in fostering connections and creating memories that extend beyond the water.

In line with this mission, we recently launched our March Madness Battle of Restaurants social media challenge – an initiative aimed at celebrating local eateries and igniting the spirit of friendly competition among the restaurants, their staff, and incredibly loyal customers. Little did we know that this challenge would take on a life of its own. In less than 24 hours, our social media feeds exploded with over 2000+ comments and 300+ shares as people eagerly rallied behind their favorite restaurants. This contest is a month-long so we can tell this is only the beginning for the amount of engagement we have seen so far. Each comment, vote,and share was a testament to the love and support our community has for these gems. But beyond the numbers and engagement metrics lies a deeper significance – the power of community and connection. Through this challenge, we’ve not only shone a spotlight on local restaurants but also brought people together in a shared appreciation for good food and great company. It’s a reminder that we can find joy and unity in supporting our local businesses.

Let us continue to support by patronizing these local businesses, sharing a meal with friends and family.

To all our members, followers, and participating restaurants, we extend our heartfelt thanks for joining us on this journey. Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to make waves – both on the water and at the dining table.